Asian American Architect Engineers Association

2019 AAa/e President’s Message

As you look across your city’s landscape, you will see construction cranes standing tall, new towers emerging from the ground, and bridges being erected across freeways.  Below the ground, a world of activity exists with tunnels being dug to expand our rapid transit system, pipes being replaced to provide water to everyone, and stormwater capture systems installed to collect precious rainfall to be used as a local water supply.  These actions will prepare our region for continued growth and development.  World class events such as the 2028 Olympics and the 2026 World Cup will bring the world to our region and allow us to showcase the great things we have done and built.  The coming years will require the collective services of all of us in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. 

The Asian American Architects and Engineers Association (AAa/e) has served the AEC industry for over 40 years to provide a conduit to opportunities, services, clients, and networking.  We also provide services for personal and professional growth through mentorship, internships, and professional development to empower emerging professionals to become the leaders of tomorrow.  Our mission is to serve, and we are committed to adding value to our profession and our membership by providing opportunities consistent with our Strategic Plan.  In 2019, we will continue our focus on the following areas from our Strategic Plan:

  1.      Promote the Highest Levels of Professional Development amongst AAa/e Members
  2.      Grow Professional Relationships in the AEC Industry
  3.      Maximize Member Involvement in Leadership Roles
  4.      Enhance our Professional Services and Contributions to Society

Our reputation is strong, our voice is heard, we are here to serve our communities.  Join us in solidarity and make a commitment to serve to continue to make our region and communities great!  If you are a member, join one of our committees and be a leader who can make a difference.  If you are not a member, come to one of our next events and see what we can do for you and your career.  Contact us at for more information.  I look forward to meeting you at our next event and look forward to serving with you.

Honored to serve,

Steve Hirai

Board President

Asian American Architects and Engineers Association   


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